Huge Changes to Google Search Advertisements

As a long standing Google partner,  Skyrush Marketing would like to  inform you that effective immediately, Google will no longer display advertisements on the right hand side of their search result pages for desktop searches.  Please keep in mind that this change will not effect mobile device searches.

Where will they show up?
Google will now allow up to four paid advertisements to appear at the top of the search results (previously Google would only allow three advertisements)


Up to three advertisements will display on the bottom of the search results.

How does this effect me?
We do anticipate that over time this will increase competition for the top paid advertisement spots and increase cost per click.  Skyrush Marketing will monitor this closely for our clients and as always will implement strategies to make your campaign as streamlined and as cost efficient as possible.


What if I have more questions?
For our current and future clients, we will be detailing your results as always in our executive monthly campaign reports, and we welcome you to call, e-mail, or schedule a meeting with us to discuss this and other potential digital strategies.