Reputation Management


Having a negative brand reputation makes it difficult for prospective clients to want to associate themselves with your company.   What happens when you Google your Brand name? If what you see is unflattering, then you have a serious problem at hand.  Most potential clients scour the internet for research before investing in anything.  With major search engines displaying a negative reputation about your brand, you can potentially lose 80% of your potentially new clients before they even decide to click on your website.

Skyrush Marketing offers solutions for some of the common online reputation management problems such as:

  • Negative News Articles ranking for a brand or person’s name
  • Negative Yelp or Google Reviews
  • Overcoming Rip Off Report,, and other negative review/complaint websites
  • Lawsuits, DUI’s, Bankruptcy and other negative events appearing in Google Autocomplete and Google search results
  • Negative Blogs created by former customers or employees.

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