Influencer Marketing is so NOT Last Year


Last year was when influencer marketing really took off, but there’s still plenty of room for growth in 2019. While influencer marketing was met with some controversy surrounding privacy, it still promises to be a very cost-effective and time-effective way of reaching new customers.

This year, it’s time to look at how we can better use influencers to spread a brand’s messages. Both famous and not-so-famous internet celebrities can offer your business a way to communicate the message you want to send your customers. It’s worth trying – at Skyrush Marketing we’ve had a lot of success with influencer marketing, and below we outline some of our predictions for successfully implementing influencer marketing in 2019.

This Year’s Influencer Marketing Tips

  • Get Youth on Your Side – As Generation Z ages, younger influencers are on the rise. Find influencers that are around the age of your younger target market. That way, your customers relate to them on a deeper level and look up to them for advice and guidance. You want to find the influencers that appeal best to a specific segment of your target market.
  • Focus on Instagram – According to CreatorIQ, Instagram was a part of 93% of all influencer campaigns in 2018, and that number is sure to rise this year. People are drawn to the short, yet compelling videos featuring some of their favorite digital celebrities. Tied for second in the prevalence of influencer marketing are Facebook and YouTube. For any of these platforms, make sure you’re prepared for your influencer campaign. That means identifying your goals and KPIs. A campaign aimed at brand awareness is going to be very different from one designed to promote a product launch.
  • Find the Right Influencer – As we said when referring to youthful influencers, it’s important that the influencer you choose is a good fit for your target audience and your business goals. Here are a few things to consider when selecting your ideal influencer:
    • Specialty – Look at the topics the influencer usually covers and then make sure that your content is in line with the content they usually produce. Authenticity is important in influencer marketing.
    • Reach – Bigger isn’t always better. If you’re trying to raise brand awareness, then yes, it’s time to look for top-tier influences with the greatest reach. However, it your main goal is to drive engagement, it’s better to target a relevant micro-influencer.
    • Tone – Decide how you want your influencer to present your brand’s message. An influencer can be serious and professional or warm and friendly. The one that’s best for you depends on your target audience.
    • Engagement – No matter who you decide to go with, a major consideration is whether the influencer’s engagement rate lines up with your goals. You need to determine the minimum engagement rate that you need for your campaign and do the research to find out which influencer is the best fit.
  • Build Long-Term Relationships – As we ease our way into the new year, influencers have come to understand their role in the success of many brands. Therefore, it’s important to build a long-term relationship between your brand and your influencer. You want them to understand your message, goals, vision, and more. While these types of deals can make things more complex (i.e. exclusivity terms, compensation models, etc.) it’s worth considering if you want to have the influencer on your side for more than just a one-off promotion.
  • You Need More Than Talent – It’s important to remember that influencers are tools to leverage for marketing purposes and you need to provide them with the right idea and high-quality content for your campaign to be successful. Their talent can only take your brand so far. Start with the idea, the story you want to tell, and run with it. Everything should line up with your brand’s message while still fitting in with the influencer’s typical content.

Skyrush Leverages Influencers

The tips we mentioned above are just the start of everything you can do with influencer marketing this year. At Skyrush Marketing, we are on top of the latest trends in influencer marketing. When we meet with our clients to discuss their initial plan, we make recommendations about influencer marketing campaigns based on their specific message and goals. We have connections with top-tier influencers as well as micro-influencers that can help your business succeed.


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