If you’re a new business trying to make a lasting impression in the digital world, then you need a solid website to promote your brand. A company’s website offers consumers information about what the company does, why they do it, and why consumers should trust the company with their business. A good website can drive these points home while also looking attractive, functioning optimally, and ranking on Google and other search engines. That’s why it’s important to hire a web design company in NYC. Skyrush Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in web design. We have been serving clients all over NY and Long Island for over 10 years as an established web design company in NYC.

One question we get asked often is, What exactly does web design entail? What are all the components of web design? Does a web design company do more than just make your site look good? These are important questions, because depending on which web design company NYC you go to, you might get different answers. Certain web design companies in NYC offer all the services that encompass a solid web design, while others focus on just one or two aspects, which may not be everything you need for your site to be successful and to drive traffic and sales.

Here are a few of the components of web design and what a good web design company NYC can do:

  • Webpage Layout: This is the backbone of your website, involving a lot of coding by your web design company in NYC. You might hear web design companies in your area talking about CSS and HTML – those are the markup languages for your website that define how a page will appear in a web browser.
  • Content Production: Content is the key to your website. If your website doesn’t have enough text on the pages, Google won’t give it a high ranking. You need to make sure that you have enough relevant content on each of your pages, that the vocabulary is varied, and the content features relevant keywords.
  • Graphic Design: This is the part everyone thinks of as the core of web design, but the graphic design is just one piece of the puzzle. You need to choose the right images for your site, and also compress them so that your site loads quickly. You need to choose the right color theme and fonts. There’s so much that goes into the graphic design aspect for a web design company NYC>
  • On-site optimization: It’s not enough to build your website – you need to optimize it for search engines. That includes writing meta titles and meta descriptions for each page to ensure that Google can find your company’s site relevant for specific searches.

At Skyrush Marketing, your web design company in NYC, we can work with your team to plan out the optimal website for your brand and cover all aspects of web design to ensure that your site looks good, functions optimally, and ranks highly on Google.